Peter the Aleut

Martyr and saint

Peter the Aleut (d. 1815), also known as Cungagnaq, is a saint in some parts of the Eastern Orthodox Church. He was a native of Kodiak Island in what is now Alaska (being a member of the Alutiiq people). He received the name Peter when he was baptized as a Christian by Herman of Alaska's missionaries operating to the north.[2] He is said to have been captured by Spanish soldiers working near San Pedro (thought to be San Francisco or somewhere else in southern California).

Saint Peter the Aleut
Saint Peter the Aleut.jpg
Icon of St. Peter the Aleut
Martyr of San Francisco and Protomartyr of America
Bornpossibly around 1800
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church
Canonized1980 by Orthodox Church in America
FeastSeptember 24
Attributesportrayed as an Aleut youth, wearing a traditional gut parka[1]


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