person who takes photographs

A photographer (from Greek φῶς (phos), meaning "light", and γραφή (graphê), meaning "drawing, writing", together meaning "drawing with light") is someone who is skilled at taking pictures or photographs with a camera. An amateur photographer takes pictures for their own use. A professional photographer takes pictures as all or part of their job. Many people hire a photographer for their wedding, debutante party or other special events. Photographers work in many different specialties.


There are several different kinds of photography.[1] Each type requires a different set of skills. Some examples include:

  • A news photographer can take photographs quickly when events are rapidly changing. They act as the "eyes" for their publications.[2] Their job is to take as many photographs as they can so an editor can later select the best ones for the story. They correct photos with software, add captions, and send them to their editors. Many news photographers also shoot rapid sequences of film as short videos.[2]
  • An aerial photographer is comfortable around airplanes and is skilled at taking high and low altitude pictures. They work with specialized cameras which can take infrared, three-dimensional, black and white and color aerial photographs.[3]
  • A still life photographer takes pictures of still life or inanimate objects.[1] This can be for advertising, art or science. The subjects may be food, products, or nature studies. Still life photographers must know how to use lighting, angles and have other skills to make an object look as good in movies as it does in real life.
  • A fashion photographer takes pictures of clothing, makeup, hair designs and other similar products. They shoot pictures of models. In addition to fashion, they may specialize in areas such as the music industry or movies.[1]
  • A combat photographer is usually, but not always, a military occupation. They take documentary photographs and videos for many different uses. They may be involved in reconnaissance, training or supporting writers who write stories for publication.[4] Depending on what part of the military they are in, they often have highly specialized duties.
  • A portrait photographer takes pictures of people. Portraits aim to capture the personality of the subject. Styles include Boudoir, engagement, High School Senior, newborn and family portraits. [5]
  • One who makes motion pictures is a cameraman.


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