Meitei folk hero who brought fire to the human world

"Chingkhong Poireiton" (Meitei: ꯆꯤꯡꯈꯣꯡ ꯄꯣꯢꯔꯩꯇꯣꯟ), also known as "Poileiton" (Old Manipuri: ꯄꯣꯢꯂꯩꯇꯣꯟ), is a prince of the Khamnung (underworld kingdom) and a younger brother of Thongaren, the god of death in Meitei mythology and religion.[1][2][3] He is best known as a cultural hero, for leading a colonial immigration to the human world (Kangleipak kingdom), as per the wish of his brother. He is mentioned in the Poireiton Khunthok, an ancient treatise about his immigration to the human kingdom.[3][4][5][6]

Cultural hero of adventure, journey and fire
Other namesChingkhong Poireitol
AffiliationMeitei religion (Sanamahism)
AbodesEarth and Underworld
TextsPoireiton Khunthok
Ethnic groupMeitei ethnicity
Personal information
Greek equivalentPrometheus

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