family of polymers

Polycarbonate is a transparent (something which can be seen through) thermoplastic. This material is tough and stable. It can resist a high temperature of 138°C (280°F) and a low temperature of -40°C (-40°F). It is stain resistant and non-toxic. The weight of polycarbonate is one sixth of glass.

Industries use polycarbonate for making different products, from bulletproof windows to CDs and DVDs. The main advantages of polycarbonate are high strength and light weight.

Industries use clear polycarbonate to make glasses. This is because it has very good transparency and durability. Lenses made from clear polycarbonate can be thinner than lenses made from regular glass.

Companies that make electronic equipment use polycarbonate to make the cover of mobile phones, laptops and other products. Although polycarbonate is not poisonous, the process of making polycarbonate uses toxic chemicals. (See Bisphenol A).