Pope Anastasius II


Pope Anastasius II (Latin: Anastasius Secondus; died 16 November 498) was an Italian cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 50th Pope from 496 until his death in 498.[1]

Pope Anastasius II
Anastasius II.jpg
Papacy began24 November 496
Papacy ended16 November 498
PredecessorGelasius I
Personal details
Birth nameAnastasius
Died(498-11-16)16 November 498
Rome, Ostrogothic Kingdom
Other popes named Anastasius

Early lifeEdit

Anastasius was born in Rome.[2]


Anastasius was elected pope on November 24, 496.[2]

Anastasius II was pontiff during a time of controversy involving Patriarch Acacius of Constantinople[3] Anastasius died in 498 at the height of the crisis.[4]


In the Divine Comedy, Dante placed this pope in Hell.[5]

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