Pope Clement VII

pope of the Catholic Church from 1523 to 1534

Clement VII (Latin: Clemens Septimus; 26 May 1478 – 25 September 1534), born Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici, was an Italian cleric of the Roman Catholic Church. He was the 119th Pope from 1523 to 1534.[1]

Clement VII
Papacy began19 November 1523
Papacy ended25 September 1534
PredecessorPope Adrian VI
SuccessorPope Paul III
Personal details
Birth nameGiulio di Giuliano de' Medici
Born26 May 1478
Died25 September 1534
Other popes named Clement

Early life


Giulio di Medici was born in Florence one month after his father's death. He was the nephew of Lorenzo de' Medici and he was a cousin of Pope Leo X.[2]



Leo X made Medici the Archbishop of Florence.



On 23 September 1513, Medici was made cardinal.[3]

In 1523, Cardinal Medici was elected pope. He chose to be called Clement VII.[2]

Pope Clement was involved in Italian and European political disputes.[3][2]

Clement ordered Michelangelo's painting of The Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel.[2]



The Coat of Arms of the Medici popes
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Preceded by
Adrian VI
Succeeded by
Paul III