Pope Eleuterus

Pope and Saint

Pope Eleuterus (??? − 189) was thirteenth Pope, the official title is the Bishop of Rome of the Catholic Church from c. 174 to his death in 189. He was born in Nicopolis, Epirus, Greece.[1]

Pope Saint Eleuterus
Papacy beganc. 174
Papacy ended189
SuccessorVictor I
Personal details
Birth nameEleuterus or Eleutherius
Nicopolis, Epirus, Greece
Rome, Roman Empire

According to Liber Pontificalis, they ascribe a decree to Pope Eleutherius that no kind of food should be despised by Christians (Et hoc iterum firmavit ut nulla esca a Christianis repudiaretur, maxime fidelibus, quod Deus creavit, quæ tamen rationalis et humana est).[2]


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