dialect of Lahnda language (Western Punjabi)
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Pahari-Pothwari is an Indo-Aryan language of Pakistan and India. It has many names, such as Pahari, Pothwari, Pothohari, Mirpuri. It is closely related to Punjabi, and some people believe it is a dialect of Punjabi. Within Pakistan, it is spoken in the Pothohar Plateau and Azad Kashmir. Within India, it is spoken in parts of Jammu and Kashmir.[1]:838 [2]:46

Potwari, Potowari
Native toPakistan, India
RegionPothohar region, Azad Kashmir and Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir)
Native speakers
several million
Language codes
ISO 639-3phr (includes other dialects)
Glottologpaha1251  Pahari Potwari
mirp1238  Mirpur Panjabi


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