Princess Charlotte of Monaco

monegasque princess and nun

Princess Charlotte of Monaco (Charlotte Thérèse Nathalie; 19 May 1719 – circa 1790), was a Monégasque princess. Charlotte never married and as a result became a nun at a convent in Paris[1].

Princess Charlotte of Monaco
"Mademoiselle de Monaco"
(then) Nun at the Convent of the Visitation, Paris
H.S.H. Princess Charlotte Grimaldi of Monaco in 1733 by Gobert.jpg
Mademoiselle de Monaco in 1733 by Gobert
Born(1719-05-19)19 May 1719
Hôtel Matignon, Paris, France
Diedcirca 1790
SpouseNever married
Full name
Charlotte Thérèse Nathalie Grimaldi
Father[Jacques I of Monaco
MotherLouise Hippolyte of Monaco


Born in Paris, she was the eldest daughter of Princess Louise Hippolyte of Monaco and her husband Prince Jacques I. Styled as "Mademoiselle de Monaco", she was known as either Charlotte or Thérèse Nathalie[1]. . Never marrying, she eventually took religious vows and became a nun at the Convent of Visitation in Paris on 21 January 1738[1].

She remained unmarried, and died childless. She was once engaged to Frédéric Jules de La Tour d'Auvergne, "Prince of Auvergne". Yet, this proposed marriage did not come to be and before she was much older the engagement was broken off and Charlotte went to a convent to begin her education. She considered becoming a nun while there, wrestled with the decision but did finally take her vows as a sister of the Order of the Visitation. She did leave the convent a number of times to visit her family

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