Product (business)

anything that can be offered to a market

A product is something that is made (produced) and often something that is sold.

In economics, things that one person has and another person wants are called goods. If the thing was made by people, then it is called a product. If it is something that was found in nature, it is called a natural resource.

In marketing, it is an object made for people's use and it satisfies the need of a customer.[1]

In retail, products are often connected with merchandise, and in manufacturing, products are some materials to create final goods.



Products are often connected with services but they are described and used in different ways.

Products are classified:

By use


The system of dividing products on departments. For example, retailer Sears, Roebuck and Company created several groups of his products.[2] It helps customers to choose the product by its function.

By association


A product line is "a group of products that are closely related".[3] There are many product lines for various types of using. For example, within the insurance industry, product lines are divided by the type of risk coverage, such as auto insurance, commercial insurance and life insurance.[4]

There are also national and international classifications. They can be used by different organizations. For example, the European Union uses a "Classification of Products by Activity".[5] The United Nations classifies products for making reports of international economic activity.[6]



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