Provinces of Ireland

cultural and formerly political division of Ireland

The Provinces of Ireland were the main divisions of Ireland prior to 1922 when it was partitioned as a result of the majority of it becoming independent. Ireland was divided into four different provinces, or territorial divisions.

The Four Provinces of Ireland
Ceithre Chúigí na hÉireann
Flag of the Four Provinces
1. Leinster, 2. Munster, 3. Connacht, 4. Ulster
Area: 84,412 km²
Population (2006): 5,962,110

The four provinces are:

Province Population (2006) Area (km²) Number of Counties Chief city
Leinster Leinster 2,292,939 19,774 12 Dublin
Munster Munster 1,172,170 24,608 6 Cork
Connacht Connacht 503,083 17,713 5 Galway
Ulster Ulster 1,993,918‡ 24,481 9 Belfast
"Number of Counties" is traditional counties, not administrative ones.
Euler diagram of the countries and traditional provinces on the island of Ireland