Pyotr Todorovsky

Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, composer (1925-2013)

Pyotr Yefimovich Todorovsky (26 August 1925 – 24 May 2013)[1] was a Ukrainian-Russian movie director, screenwriter and cinematographer of Jewish origin.[2] His son Valery Todorovsky is also a movie director.

Todorovsky with Vladimir Putin in December 2000

Todorovsky was born on 26 August 1925 in Bobrynets, Ukraine. He was raised in Odesa, Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union. Todorovsky has one son, Valery Todorovsky. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1983. Todorovsky died on 24 May 2013 from a heart attack in a hospital in Moscow, Russia, aged 87.[3]



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