Qikiqtaaluk Region

region of Nunavut, Canada

Qikiqtaaluk Region or Baffin Region is an administrative region of Nunavut, Canada. Qikiqtaaluk is the traditional Inuktitut name for Baffin Island. While "Qikiqtaaluk Region" is the official name, some public organizations like Statistics Canada and Nunavut Tourism prefer to use "Baffin Region". The region covers the northeastearn and eastern parts of Nunavut.

The region consists of Baffin Island, the Belcher Islands, Akimiski Island, Mansel Island, Prince Charles Island, Bylot Island, Devon Island, Cornwallis Island, Bathurst Island, Amund Ringnes Island, Ellef Ringnes Island, Axel Heiberg Island, Ellesmere Island, the Melville Peninsula, the eastern part of Melville Island, and the northern parts of Prince of Wales Island, and Somerset Island, along with some smaller islands.

The regional seat and largest city is Iqaluit. According to the Canada 2006 Census, 15,765 people lived there.

National parks in the region include Auyuittuq National Park, Sirmilik National Park, and Bowman Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

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