Republic of Texas

sovereign nation (not recognized by Mexico) in North America that existed from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846

The Republic of Texas was a sovereign state in North America between the United States and Mexico that existed from 1836 to 1845. It was started on March 2 1836, when the people living in Texas declared themselves independent from Mexico.[1] The Mexican army led by Santa Anna marched into Texas and attacked the new country. However the Mexican army was defeated and Santa Anna was captured at a battle near the site of Houston.[1] The new republic did not have an easy time. It did not have a proper government, or any money. Its borders were often raided by Mexico, and there was fighting between the settlers and the Native Americans. The US government did not recognize the Republic of Texas.[1]

The location of Republic of Texas
Flag of the Republic of Texas

In 1841, Santa Anna again became president of Mexico and the border attacks increased. By this time, thousands of new settlers had moved into Texas, and people in the US supported the people of Texas. The idea of annexation of Texas into the US became popular.

The Republic of Texas ended on December 29, 1845, when Texas became the 28th state of the United States of America.[1]

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