Resident Evil 4

2005 survival horror video game

Resident Evil 4, known in Japan as Biohazard 4 (バイオハザード4), is a survival horror third-person shooter video game developed by Production Studio 4 and published by multiple publishers, including Capcom, Ubisoft and Nintendo of Australia. It is the sixth game in the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 4
Developer(s)Capcom Production Studio 4
Ubisoft (PC)
Nintendo Australia (GameCube and Wii)
Director(s)Shinji Mikami Edit this on Wikidata
Producer(s)Hiroyuki Kobayashi Edit this on Wikidata
Designer(s)Shinji Mikami (director)
Hiroyuki Kobayashi (producer)
Yoshihiko Wada (Sound)
Composer(s)Shusaku Uchiyama
Misao Senbongi
SeriesResident Evil
Platform(s)GameCube, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Wii, iPhone OS, Mobile phones, Zeebo
Genre(s)Survival horror
Third person shooter


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