River Fowey

UK river in Cornwall, England

The River Fowey is a river in Cornwall, United Kingdom, which follows an irregular course across Bodmin Moor and enters the English Channel at Fowey.

Outline map of the River Fowey and neighbouring rivers in Cornwall - click to enlarge

There is a ferry between Fowey and Bodinnick. The first road crossing going upstream is in Lostwithiel. The river has seven tributaries, the largest being the River Lerryn. The part of the Fowey Valley between Doublebois and Bodmin Parkway railway station is known as the Glynn Valley (from Glynn House, Cardinham). The valley is the route of both the A38 trunk road and the railway line (built by the Cornwall Railway in 1859). The catchment area of the River Fowey covers a total of 169.1 square kilometres (41,800 acres; 65.3 sq mi)[1] consisting of various types of rock.[1]


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