Robert Delpire

French publisher (1926-2017)

Robert Delpire (24 January 1926[1] – 26 September 2017) was a French art publisher, editor, curator, movie producer and graphic designer. He was born in Paris.

Delpire in 2009

Delpire predominantly concerned himself with documentary photography, influenced by his interest in anthropology.[2][3] Delpire was editor-in-chief of the cultural review Neuf. He published books of photography, illustration and graphic art through Éditions Delpire and Photo Poche. Photo Poche has been described as "the most successful series of photography monographs ever published", books that "have introduced successive generations to photography".[4]

Delpire died in Paris on 26 September 2017 in Paris at the age of 91.[5]

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