Royal Rumble (2012)

WWE's 2012 Royal Rumble pay-per-view

Royal Rumble (2012) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event made by WWE that took place on January 29, 2012 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.[1][2] It was the 25th yearly Royal Rumble event.[2]

Royal Rumble (2012)
Tagline(s)One match. One winner.
"Dark Horses" by Switchfoot
DateJanuary 29, 2012
VenueScottrade Center
CitySt. Louis, Missouri
Pay-per-view chronology
TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2011) Royal Rumble (2012) Elimination Chamber (2012)
Royal Rumble chronology
Royal Rumble (2011) Royal Rumble (2012) TBA



As is the case every year since the event's beginning, the event's main event was the 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royal, also known as the Royal Rumble match. The match started with two wrestlers and a new one was added every 90 seconds. To eliminate an opposing wrestler he must be thrown over the top rope and have both his two feet hit the floor, this will continue until there is only one man left, who is named the winner. The winner received either a WWE Championship match or a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXVIII.[3]


# Matches Stipulations Time
Dark Yoshi Tatsu defeated Heath Slater[4] Singles match 4:00
1 Daniel Bryan (c) defeated Mark Henry and Big Show[5] Triple Threat[broken anchor] Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship 9:08
2 Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and The Bella Twins (Nikki Bella and Brie Bella) defeated Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox, and Tamina[6] 8-Diva Tag Team 5:29
3 John Cena fought Kane to a double countout[7] Singles match 10:56
4 Brodus Clay defeated Drew McIntyre[8] 1:05
5 CM Punk (c) defeated Dolph Ziggler[9] John Laurinaitis was the special guest referee. Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger were banned from ringside. 14:32
6 Sheamus last eliminated Chris Jericho to win[10] 2012 Royal Rumble match 54:54
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Royal Rumble entrances and eliminations

Entry order Entrant Brand Elimination order Eliminated by Time
1 The Miz Raw 24 Big Show
2 Alex Riley Raw 1 The Miz
3 R-Truth Raw 2 The Miz
4 Cody Rhodes SD 25 Big Show
5 Justin Gabriel SD 4 Mick Foley and Ricardo Rodriguez
6 Primo Raw 3 Mick Foley
7 Mick Foley Legend 8 Cody Rhodes
8 Ricardo Rodriguez Raw 5 Santino Marella
9 Santino Marella Raw 7 Cody Rhodes
10 Epico Raw 6 Mick Foley
11 Kofi Kingston Raw 18 Sheamus
12 Jerry Lawler Legend 9 Cody Rhodes
13 Ezekiel Jackson SD 12 The Great Khali
14 Jinder Mahal SD 11 The Great Khali
15 The Great Khali SD 14 Cody Rhodes
16 Hunico SD 16 Kharma
17 Booker T Legend 10 Cody Rhodes
18 Dolph Ziggler Raw 26 Big Show
19 Jim Duggan Legend 13 Cody Rhodes
20 Michael Cole Raw 15 Booker T and Jerry Lawler
21 Kharma Raw 17 Dolph Ziggler
22 Sheamus SD - Winner
23 Road Dogg Legend 19 Wade Barrett
24 Jey Uso SD 20 Randy Orton
25 Jack Swagger Raw 23 Big Show
26 Wade Barrett SD 21 Randy Orton
27 David Otunga Raw 22 Chris Jericho
28 Randy Orton SD 28 Chris Jericho
29 Chris Jericho Raw 29 Sheamus
30 Big Show SD 27 Randy Orton


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