Rui Barbosa State School

Campo Grande School, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Rui Barbosa State School a Brazilian school located in Campo Grande, founded on March 1, 1972.[1] [2]

History Edit

In 1970, 3 rooms were built for catechesis, a missionary work of the Salesians, at the request of parents who were already working in the community. Literacy classes started in October.

In 1971, 14 more classrooms were built, in a joint effort by the community. The construction material was donated by the Campo Grande society linked to the Salesian Mission.

Promotions were carried out with the objective of seeking financial resources to complete the work. As the SED proves the need to create and authorize the Paulo VI Parish Gymnasium to operate, as of March 1, 1972, an agreement was signed between SED and the Paulo VI Social Work, creating the Rui Barbosa State College. This name was chosen due to the death of Rui Barbosa . [3]

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