Russian Provisional Government

government before Soviet Takeover, July 1917-October 1917

The Russian Provisional Government (Russian: Временное правительство России, tr. Vremennoye pravitel'stvo Rossii) was a provisional government of Russia created after the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II of the Russian Empire on 2 March [15 March, New Style] 1917.[1][2] The purpose of the provisional government was the creation of elections to the Russian Constituent Assembly and its convention.

Russian Provisional Government

9th Cabinet of Russia
Date formed2 March [15 March, N.S.] 1917
Date dissolvedOctober [November, N.S] 1917
People and organisations
Head of stateAlexis II (unproclaimed)

Michael II (conditionally)

Georgy Lvov (de facto)
Head of governmentGeorgy Lvov
Member partiesProgressive Bloc
Popular Socialists
Status in legislatureCoalition
Opposition cabinetExecutive Committee
of Petrograd Soviet
Opposition partiesBolsheviks
Left Socialist-Revolutionaries
Opposition leaderNikolay Chkheidze
Incoming formationGolitsyn
Outgoing formationKerensky I
PredecessorNikolay Golitsyn
SuccessorAlexander Kerensky

The government lasted only eight months and caused a "disorganized army".[3]

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