Süleyman Şensoy

Suleyman Sensoy (born 1973 in Icel Turkey) is the Chairman[1] of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM).

He has founded the Asya Group which operates in the fields such as publishing, advertising, production and PR. He has served as the chairman in this group for more than 10 years. In 1996, he has planned to establish a center for strategic studies and research in order to create alternative solutions for the domestic and international issues of Turkey.

He has Bachelor's degree in International Relations. He also has H. Doctorate (2012) from The Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies - HASSS, Sudan and has Kazakhstan Friendship Medal (2014).

Founded TASAM* Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (2003) and established TASAM Publications and Strategic Foresight Journal (2004) and TASAM WORLD Centre for Capacity Building Management and Cooperation (2013).

TASAM, which has been operating in the institutional body of a NGO as a “think tank” since 2003, has become an international “Turkey Brand”. 

TASAM's activities, which are developed to provide strategic contributions to Turkey’s national institutional capacity building, together with its institutional networks have reached a level of global importance. Around hundreds of leading experts and academics contribute to TASAM’s institutes, platforms, projects and other activities which span nearly 100 countries.

There are 10 foreign policy fields that TASAM acts on. These are continently Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean and North America. The regional ones are Balkans, Middle East, Mediterranean and Black Sea - Caucasus which are - in every parameter- the security zone of these four continents in terms of Turkey. Also Turkic World and Islamic World are called as identical fields. 

Activities turn into concrete results by final reports, strategic reports, refereed journals, books, agreements, institutes, networks, platforms and web sites within the extent of studies regarding these fields. Combined with public diplomacy, these results develop a national and international interaction and give effective information, ideas and suggestions to the related decision makers; thus bring about strategic contributions to a Turkey centered perspective on the basis of power and justice.

Also the studies, with three main titles as Macro Process, Strategic Locomotive Sectors and Development of Values, of the “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023” Project, which began in 2008 under the auspices of Turkish Republic and initiative of TASAM, have been keeping on.

TASAM WORLD was founded by TASAM and is an umbrella organization that steers and coordinates the activities of a wide range of institutions, networks and platforms serving as a centre for capacity building management and cooperation.

Founded nine institutes which are as follows: African Institute (2005), Development and Cooperation Institute (2006), Institute of Islamic Countries (2007), Institute of Political Communication (2008), Institute Public Diplomacy (2009), Environment and Urban Institute (2012), National Defense and Security Institute (2015), Energy Food and Food Institute (2015) and Turkey Tourism Institute (2016).

Founded several national and international networks as TRNTP (Nuclear Technology Platform of Turkey - 2006), TOD-TURKEY (Think Tanks’ Dialogue of Turkey - 2006), USTKIP (International Development and Cooperation Platform of NGOs - 2007), WTF (World Turkic Forum - 2015), TYDP (Turkey Administration and Experience Program - 2012), WIF (World Islamic Forum - 2015) coordinated BCN Balkan Communication Network Annual Meetings (Since 2008). Headed establishing of three particular Wise Persons Boards under the institutional of Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023 and Turkey 2053 Projects, World Islamic Forum and World Turkic Forum.

Developed the projects* “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023 (2007-2023) under the auspices of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic and Turkey 2053 (2016-2053) under the theme of “Power and Justice” and leaded their performing in 81 provinces of the country. The projects, which started with Macro themes, continue covering the following study areas; (10) Strategic Locomotive Sectors and Development of Values that are capable of moving Turkey to the aspired macro objectives.

{ * The visions and targets that will help Turkey to reach to the level of contemporary civilizations and the strategies and policies that are needed while working on these targets are determined in the project held within the context of these two “future vision” projects. The outputs of the projects are shared with the civil society organizations and the senior administrators of central organizations of Ankara and other cities by the experts and academicians. Every part of the country is being informed about the determined vision, targets, strategies and policies and a new dynamism is gained for the Turkish public with the synergy created. The projects continue with ‘Macro Frame’, ‘Strategic Locomotive Sectors’ and ‘Development of Values’ activities. }

Realized bilateral and multilateral projects from approximately 100 countries with a large number of outstanding local or international institutions as The Presidency of The Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Interior Affairs, State Planning Organization, Islamic Development Bank, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Prime Ministry - Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), United Nations (UNDP), African Union, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) etc.


Founded and presided over several regular meetings as International Turkish - Asian Congress, International Turkish - African Congress, International Balkan Forum, Europe - Turkey Forum, Turkish - Latin America and Caribbean Forum, World İslamic Forum, Islamic World Istanbul Awards, World Turkic Forum, Turkic World Red Apple Awards, International Middle East Congress, Turkey - USA Forum, Turkey - China Forum, Turkey - Iran Forum, Istanbul Security Conference and new projects as Global Civil Diplomacy.


Published hundreds of books and strategic reports and keeps publishing refereed journal “Stratejik Ongoru” (Strategic Foresight) journal periodically by TASAM Publications since 2004. Established following internet portals and websites (With its dynamic and comprehensive content, the official portal of TASAM has an important position in Turkey and in the world on its activity field):


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