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The circumcision of boys in Turkey and generally Muslim Turkic peoples,[1] Crimean Tatars[2] and Turkish Gypsys[3]is based on Religion and Cultural Tradition,[4] mostly Turkish Family's in Turkey and abroad made big celebrations (Sünnet party) for there sons, with Music and Dance and the Boy's got presents, more religious Family made a Ceremony with a Imam. The age of the circumcised Boys varied from Family to Family but generally it is performed when the Boys are 5-7 years old. The operation is made by a special Medical Man, called Sünnetçi (circumciser)[5][6][7] The Tradition of also included a Kirve (Godparent), a Man who hold the boy at the circumcised-rite, especially in Alevism and Bektashi believers Familys.[8] Circumcision is very important, because to be uncut is shameful and regared as "not a real Man"[9][10] A Sünnet Party also perfomred of Albanians, Bosniaks, Torbesh, Xoraxane, Pomak and Gorani people, this Tradition was taken by the Balkans Muslim at the time when large part of the Balkans belongend to the Ottoman Empire[11],[12], [13]

Boys in Turkey wearing traditional circumcision costumes