Sadullah Khan Umarzai


Saadullah Khan Umarzai (1880-1948) was a Pashtun political figure from the NWFP region of British India and active in the Muslim demand for a separate state of Pakistan.

After his graduation from government college Lahore he appeared for ICS and was later appointed as the City magistrate Peshawar. He was later promoted to the post of District Judge. Being a close associate of Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan Saadullah Khan was entrusted the Task of gathering donations from the Muslim Rajas and Maharajas of India for the acquisition of land for the Islamia College Peshawar.

Sadullah Khan was later nominated as Honorary secretary of the College. A Hostel in the premises of the college has been named in his memory "Saadullah Khan Hostel". After his retirement as the Deputy Commissioner Peshawar he joined the Quaid and the Muslim league for the creation of Pakistan. He was a prominent activist subletting his title of "Khan Bahadur" to the British. As a friend of Maulana Fazal e Wahid of Turangzai he gave financial and moral help when Maulana Sahib fled the British to take refuge in the former Tribal Area of Mommand agency.

When he was the District Judge for Peshawar his relations with the Governor NWFP Metcalf were very strained over the Chowk e Yadgar incident. He did not want the British Indian Army to handle the turbulent situation. He wanted the police force to handle the situation.

As a District Judge he would conclude the matter through arbitration. Apparently Metcalf had panicked.