Scandinavian Airlines

flag-carrier airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Scandinavian Airlines (fd. Scandinavian Airlines System) (SAS) is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. On August 1, 1946, the airline was founded.[1]

Scandinavian Airlines
IATA ICAO Callsign
Frequent-flyer programEuroBonus
AllianceStar Alliance
Fleet size135
Parent companySAS Group

As of 2023's fourth quarter, the airline has accepted an offer from a group of investors who want to take over the company; However, the deal needs approval from authorities; The decision from authorities, is not ready as of October 2023.[2]

The airline is part of Star Alliance, and will stay with that group until September 2024;[3] Earlier (2023) media said that the airline will in the future become part of "Air France-KLM" [if the deal gets approval from authorities].[4]



The first flight was held on September 17, 1946.[5] In 1959, it bought its first jet aircraft.[6] The Boeing 747 and DC-10 wide-body airplanes were bought the early 70s[7] In 1976, SAS started a partnership with Thai Airways and in 1989, SAS started another partnership with Continental Airlines.[8] SAS launched its frequent-flyer program in 1992.[9] SAS helped start the Star Alliance in 1997.[10] Starting in 2012, SAS started having many financial troubles. In 2013, the airline introduced new classes on its planes to compete with budget airlines.[11] The airline currently operates many routes in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

SAS Fleet
Type In
Orders Passengers
Routes Notes
Airbus A319 4 0 141(0/0/141) Europe, Scandinavia
Airbus A320 13 0 168 (0/0/168) Europe, Scandinavia
Airbus A321 8 0 187 (0/0/187) Europe, Scandinavia
Airbus A330-300 4 4 264 (34/35/195) North America
Airbus A340-300 8 0 245 (46/28/171) North America and Asia
Airbus A350 XWB 8 308 (36/32/240) international Deliveries in 2018
Boeing 717 5 0 115 (0/0/115) Scandinavia
Boeing 737-400 0 0 150 (0/0/150) retired
Boeing 737-500 0 0 120 (0/0/120) retired
Boeing 737-600 27 0 112-123 (0/0/112-123) Domestic, Scandinavia, Europe Largest operator of the Boeing 737-600
Boeing 737-700 29 0 131-141 (0/0/131-141) Norway domestic, Scandinavia, Europe
Boeing 737-800 29 0 186 (0/0/186) Domestic, Scandinavia, Europe
Bombardier CRJ900 12 3 + 17 options 88 (0/0/88) Domestic, Scandinavia, Europe Dash-8 replacement aircraft.


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