Schoep's Ice Cream

ice cream brand

Schoep's Ice Cream is an ice cream manufacturing company based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Schoep's Ice Cream
Headquarters2070 Helena Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53704
ProductsIce cream
Revenue$40 million (as of 2008)
Number of employees



Schoep's Ice Cream was founded by E.J. Schoephoester in 1928. Schoephoester produced and sold the ice cream in his grocery store. By 1937 Schoep's Ice Cream had become well known locally and E. B. Schoephoester sold his company to Peter B. Thomsen, a butter maker.[1] The company has been kept in the Thomsen family, and as of 2008 it was owned in part by nineteen members of the Thomsen family.



All of Schoep's Ice Cream is currently produced from a single factory located on Helena Street in Madison, Wisconsin. As of 2008 Schoep's was producing 6,000 gallons of ice cream an hour and 2.5 million gallons a year. With this high production rate, Schoep's has been recognized as the top producer of ice cream in the state of Wisconsin. Due to this growth, in 2005, Schoep's opened a $7 million, 46,000-square-foot distribution center on Manufacturers Drive, near the Dane County Regional Airport. This new facility features space for 3,600 pallets and 14 loading-dock doors. Before this facility was built, Schoep's had shipped all of their ice cream from two loading docks at their factory.[2][3]





Schoep's is not well known around the United States as Schoep's Ice Cream, but as Walgreens brand Ice Cream. Since 1993 Schoep's has been the sole producer of ice cream sold under the Walgreens label. This contract accounts for more than 25 percent of Schoep's business.[4]


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