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Scottish monarchs

Kings and queens that ruled Scotland

House of AlpinEdit

House of DunkeldEdit

First Interregnum 1290–1292Edit

House of BalliolEdit

John Balliol, king of Scots, installed by Edward I Longshanks (1292-1296)

Second Interregnum 1296–1306Edit

House of BruceEdit

House of BalliolEdit

  • Edward Balliol (1329 – 1363)
    Oliver Cromwell and possibly his son Richard, lord protector of England & Scotland from 1649-1658 and 1653-1658, executed King Charles I. His son followed for under a year from 1658-1659. (August-May). The monarchy was restored in 1660 with king Charles II.

House of Stewart (Stuart)Edit

Disputed or unrecognized claimsEdit

King "James VIII/III", son of James VII/III who claimed the throne during the Jacobite wars, claimant from January 1701 to 1766.

Note: there have been other claims to the Scottish throne besides these

  • Margaret, the Maid of Norway was unrecognized by some Scots (ruled 1286-1290)
  • John Balliol was also unrecognized but by most Scots (ruled 1292-1296)
  • Henry Lord Darnley proclaimed himself king in 1565 as Henry I of Scotland (ruled 1565-1567)
  • Charles II claimed to rule even during Oliver & Richard Cromwell's reigns (ruled 1649-1685)
  • James VII was recognized by France to rule after his deposal (ruled 1685-1702)
  • James VII's son James VIII or James Francis Edward Stuart was recognized by France as the Scottish monarch (ruled 1702-1766)
  • James VIII's son Charles III was recognized by the Jacobites (ruled 1766-1788)
  • James VIII's other son Henry I/IX claimed rule after his brothers death (ruled 1788-1807)

Some call Henry I/IX, Henry II, recognizing Henry Lord Darnley's claim to the throne as legitimate.

Line of succession after Henry IXEdit

Franz duke of Bavaria in 2015. Francis II.

Although not claiming the throne there have been many people after Henry IX who have had the right to the throne, these are his descendants.

The heir after Francis II is his brother Prince Max (Max I) and his daughter Sophie (Sophie I).

Related pagesEdit

  • In 1707, England and Scotland joined together. For Kings and Queens after 1707, see British monarchs. Although monarchs ruled both Scotland and England since James VI and the Union of the Crowns in 1603.