Scouting for Girls

English rock band

Scouting for Girls are a British pop rock band formed in London in 2005 by Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard. Stride met Ellard at Cub Scouts and he then met Churchouse at school. In September 2007 Scouting for Girls released their first album Scouting for Girls. It was number one in the UK Albums Chart for two weeks.

Scouting for Girls
Playing the "Other Stage" at Glastonbury Festival, June 2008
Playing the "Other Stage" at Glastonbury Festival, June 2008
Background information
GenresPop rock, Acoustic, Piano rock, Alternative
Years active2005–present
MembersRoy Stride (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
Greg Churchouse (bass guitar)
Peter Ellard (percussion)

Band membersEdit

Current members

Current touring members

  • Peter Clements - guitar
  • Matt Simmons - keyboards (2010-present)


  • Martin Owen - horn on Scouting For Girls (2007)
  • James McMillan - trumpet on Scouting For Girls (2007)


  • Andy Green - Producer of Scouting For Girls (2007)


  • Scouting for Girls (2007)
  • Everybody Wants to Be on TV (2010)