Seymour Papert

MIT mathematician, computer scientist, and educator

Seymour Aubrey Papert (29 February 1928, Pretoria, Union of South Africa – 31 July 2016, Maine, U.S.) was a groundbreaking mathematician, computer scientist, and educator.[1] He spent his career at MIT. He was an early leader in the field of artificial intelligence.[2] He is one of the founders of the constructivist movement in education. With Cynthia Solomon and Wally Feurzeig he invented the Logo Programing Language. He was co-director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab with Marvin Minsky. He advocated for computers in education as a tool for constructivist education. His work influenced many 21st-century thinkers in American education.[3]

Seymour Papert in 2006


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