province of central China with its capital Xi'an, the ancient homeland of the Zhou and center of several major dynasty

Shaanxi (Chinese:陕西, also sometimes called Shenshi) is a province in east China. The word "Shaan" (viz Shanzhou) is a place in Henan Province. "Xi" means "west". So "Shaanxi" means "the place to the west of Shaan".

Shaanxi Province in China

Although in pinyin, "Shaanxi" is spelled exactly the same as "Shanxi", the only difference in how the two words are pronounced is that the first syllable in "Shanxi" is said using the first tone in Mandarin, while the first syllable in "Shaanxi" is said with the third tone. Since tone markers are not usually used to show how to pronounce the two different names, the first word in "Shaanxi" is spelled using the Gwoyeu Romatzyh method instead, which indicates tones by adding extra letters to a syllable.

The river Wei He runs across it. It has a large population of more than 30 million people. The capital of Shaanxi is Xi'an. It abbreviates as Shan (陕) or Qin (秦), also known as SanQin (三秦, meaning Three Qins).

History Edit

January 23, 1556 – A massive earthquake, measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale, strikes Shaanxi, killing over 850,000 people. This is the most devastating earthquake in recorded history.

Political divisions Edit

The map of Shanxi Province

Shaanxi Province is divided into ten municipalities:

  1. Xi'an Municipality(西安市)
  2. Ankang Municipality(安康市)
  3. Baoji Municipality(宝鸡市)
  4. Hanzhong Municipality(汉中市)
  5. Shangluo Municipality(商洛市)
  6. Tongchuan Municipality(铜川市)
  7. Weinan Municipality(渭南市)
  8. Xianyang Municipality(咸阳市)
  9. Yan'an Municipality(延安市)
  10. Yulin Municipality(榆林市)