Shimabara Rebellion

1637 siege

Shimabara Rebellion, was an uprising in southwestern Japan. It lasted from December 17, 1637 until April 15, 1638, during the Edo period. It largely involved peasants, most of them Catholic Christians.

Shimabara Rebellion
Part of the early Edo period

Remains of Hara castle
DateLate 1637- Early 1638
Result Tokugawa victory; Christianity in Japan driven underground
Tokugawa shogunate
Netherlands Dutch Empire
Christian rebels
Commanders and leaders
Itakura Shigemasa
Matsukura Katsuie
Matsudaira Nobutsuna
Netherlands Nicolaes Couckebacker
Amakusa Shirō
Masuda Yoshitsugu
Yamada Emosaku
Over 125,000 Between 27,000 and 37,000
Casualties and losses
1900 dead, 11,000 wounded Over 27,000 dead