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A shoe is a type of footwear. It is an item of clothing. You can wear them outside. Shoes come in pairs, with one shoe for each foot. People usually wear shoes in public. They are worn for hygiene, style, and comfort. While there are some shoes that don't need socks to wear, shoes are usually worn with socks.

A pair of children's shoes

Shoes are a type of foot protection. For example, many shoes can protect a person's foot from sand; others do not.

Types of shoes


There are many different types of shoes. Athletic shoes, for example, are lightweight to make running, walking or jogging easier. The sole of the shoe is also softer. Slippers are a kind of indoor shoe. They often serve to keep feet warm. Tall shoes are boots. Rubber boots are used in wet places.

Shoes are also worn for fashion. Shoes with a high heel are called high heels. Shoes for formal wear are made of leather. They are worn for business and ceremonial functions.

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