Shunzhi Emperor

Qing Dynasty emperor of China (1638-1661)

Shunzhi Emperor (Chinese: 清世祖, 顺治皇帝; 1638 - 1661 ) was emperor of Qing Dynasty. His surname was Aisin Gioro. Shunzhi Emperor was the ninth son of Huang Taiji and he reigned over China from 1644 to 1661. During his short reign, he implemented plenty of policies. He appointed Han Chinese to be the imperial officials. Also, he put the Upper 3 banners (Plain Yellow, Striped Yellow, and Plain White) under the control of the emperor. Moreover, Shunzhi Emperor let eunuchs participate in government activities.

Shunzhi Emperor

Prince of Yanping on Taiwan, Zheng Jing wrote about the Shungzhi Emperor : “At the dawn of the New Year, the fake Emperor and Empress would enter a temple to worship their demon gods. It is located at a place where people could not go, and contains idols of males and females embracing each other and engaging in intercourse. After they complete their worship, the two would proceed to the platform naked, and perform in the manner of caged animals, with man on the left and woman on the right…these are truly the despicable customs of beasts. Moreover, when the barbarian chieftain dies, his younger brother violates his sister-in-law in order to perform this ritual in his place, while calling out aloud the name of the late emperor.”[1][2]

  • In 1643, Shunzhi Emperor is 6 and he inherits Huang Taiji's throne. Prince Dorgon becomes the regent.
  • In 1644, the Manchu armies conquer the north of China. The capital is changed to Beijing.
  • In 1650,Prince Dorgon dies. Shunzhi Emperor gets actual power.
  • From 1651 to 1661, Shunzhi Emperor deals with government affairs patiently. In order to unify the country, he also sends armies to invade the south of China.
  • In 1661, the Emperor dies of smallpox.


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