Beesha Darawiish

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Reer Darwiish (Siciid Harti) map

Beesha Darawiish or Si'iid Harti, also called Reer Darawiish, means the Dhulbahante tribe.[1] The Dhulbahante were called Darwiishes during the colonial era. The Darwiish was the successor state to the Dhulbahante garaadship. The Dhulbahante Garaadship (Somali: Duulbaahaante, Arabic: دولباهانتى اوسعيد هرتي‎) was a kingdom from 1530 until 1895.[2] Dhulbahante is also a Somali clan known for being the backbone of Darwiish. It is part of the larger Harti Darod clan. They live mainly in Sool, Cayn and Sanaag.


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