Silver(II) fluoride

chemical compound (AgF₂)

Silver(II) fluoride, also known as argentic fluoride, is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is AgF2. It has silver in its +2 oxidation state. It also contains fluoride ions.



It is a white or gray crystalline solid. It is usually black or brown because of impurities. It is a powerful oxidizing agent. It is one of the only silver compounds that is in the +2 oxidation state. Most of the silver compounds are in the +1 oxidation state. It can react with glass. It should be stored in certain fluorinated plastics.

It is extremely reactive. It reacts with xenon. It also reacts with water to make oxygen and hydrofluoric acid. It reacts with acids to make ozone. It reacts with iodide to make iodide. It also reacts with hydrogen peroxide to make oxygen.

It is very expensive. Only a little is made each year.



Silver(II) fluoride is made by reacting fluorine with silver(I) oxide. It can also be made by reacting silver(I) fluoride or silver chloride with fluorine.

Silver(II) fluoride is used to add fluoride to certain chemical compounds. It is not used much because it is very expensive.



Silver(II) fluoride is very corrosive and toxic. It reacts with water to make toxic hydrofluoric acid. It also corrodes glass.