Australian rock band

Silverchair was a rock band from Newcastle, Australia. The band's members were Daniel Johns, Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies, and were only around 12 and 13 when they founded the band. Silverchair is the only artist to score five number-one albums in the Australian Charts. Their studio albums are Frogstomp, Freak Show, Neon Ballroom, Diorama and Young Modern. The band has released many singles, their number-one singles being "Tomorrow", "Freak" and "Straight Lines".[1]

Four men are performing in front of an audience. The man at left is shown in right profile and is crouched over a keyboard with a second keyboard to his right. The second man is playing a guitar and singing into a microphone. The third man is seated behind a drum kit. The fourth man is shown in left profile playing a bass guitar. Two large speakers are behind the second man. Lights shine from the rear stage area.
Silverchair on stage in August 2006.
Left to right: Paul Mac, Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies, Chris Joannou
Background information
Also known asInnocent Criminals, The George Costanza Trio, Short Elvis
OriginNewcastle, New South Wales, Australia
GenresAlternative rock, grunge, art rock
Years active1992 (1992)–2011 (2011)
LabelsMurmur, Sony, Epic, Eleven
Past member(s)Ben Gillies
Chris Joannou
Daniel Johns