Smoky Hill River

river in Colorado and Kansas, United States

The Smoky Hill River is a 575-mile (925 km)[4] river in the central Great Plains of North America. It goes through the U.S. states of Colorado and Kansas.[5]

Smoky Hill River
Aahkawirarahkata, Chetolah, Oke-see-sebo[1], River of the Padoucas[2]
Smoky Hill River-0508.jpg
Smoky Hill River near Assaria, Kansas
Map of the Smoky Hill drainage basin
CountryUnited States
StateColorado, Kansas
Physical characteristics
 - locationCheyenne County, Colorado
 - coordinates38°57′01″N 102°34′49″W / 38.95028°N 102.58028°W / 38.95028; -102.58028[1]
 - elevation4,640 ft (1,410 m)
MouthKansas River
 - locationJunction City, Kansas
 - coordinates39°03′36″N 98°46′04″W / 39.06000°N 98.76778°W / 39.06000; -98.76778Coordinates: 39°03′36″N 98°46′04″W / 39.06000°N 98.76778°W / 39.06000; -98.76778[1]
 - elevation1,040 ft (320 m)
Length575 mi (925 km)
Basin size19,260 sq mi (49,900 km2)
 - locationUSGS 06877600 at Enterprise, KS[3]
 - average1,540 cu ft/s (44 m3/s)
 - minimum38 cu ft/s (1.1 m3/s)
 - maximum207,000 cu ft/s (5,900 m3/s)
Basin features
 - leftNorth Fork Smoky Hill River, Big Creek,
Saline River, Solomon River
 - rightLadder Creek
WatershedsSmoky Hill-Kansas-Missouri-Mississippi


The river gets its name from the Smoky Hills area in the Great Plains.[2]


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