person of prominence in upper class society

A socialite is a wealthy and famous person who takes part in social activities and spends a large amount of time entertaining and being entertained at upper-class events.[1]

The term includes many people who are "famous because they are famous". These people are not famous because of something they have done. They are famous most often because of which family they are a member of and/or how they are talked about by the media.

In history, many socialites were aristocrats who attended gatherings of other wealthy people. Many of them also had close ties to the British royal family and the House of Lords. Some modern socialites include Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Social register


American socialites used to be listed in the Social Register. It was a list of names and addresses of the people who were thought to be more socially acceptable in the socially important families in the 19th century. In 1886, Louis Keller had the idea of combining these lists and selling them. Mr. Keller had great success. By 1918 there were 18 yearly volumes that covered 26 cities.[2]



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