Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

2008 video game

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a 2008 action-adventure video game based on the fictional superhero Spider-Man. The game was released in October 2008 across multiple platforms, and encompasses three drastically different versions: one released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360, which features an open world and non-linear gameplay; one for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable (called Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Amazing Allies Edition), which is a 2.5D side-scrolling beat 'em up; and one for the Nintendo DS, which is also a linear beat 'em up, but features a different storyline and aspects of the Metroidvania genre.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Developer(s)Shaba Games and Treyarch
Griptonite Games (DS)
Amaze Entertainment (PS2, PSP)
Aspyr (PC)
Director(s)Zak Krefting
Producer(s)Tamsen Mitchell, Anna Donlon
Glenda Adams & Jennifer Bullard (PC)
Designer(s)Richard D'Alosio
Claud Campbell & Bruce Adams (PC)
Programmer(s)Michael Vance, Tim O'Neil
Artist(s)Scott Werner, David Dalzell
Rhett Bennatt & Jose Cepeda (PC)
Composer(s)Jamie Christopherson, Loren Ferris, Michael Kimball
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable
Xbox 360
  • NA: October 21, 2008
  • EU: October 24, 2008
  • AU: October 28, 2008
Genre(s)Metroidvania Edit this on Wikidata

Gameplay change

Venom has launched a full-scale symbiote invasion of Manhattan, forcing Spider-Man to join forces with a number of unlikely allies in order to stop him, while being faced with difficult choices that could change his life forever.