Stonewall Brigade

brigade of the Confederate States Army

The Stonewall Brigade was an infantry brigade in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. It got its name from Thomas J. Jackson, the first commander of the brigade. At the First Battle of Bull Run, Jackson got the nickname of "Stonewall". The brigade became one of the most famous brigades of the Civil War.

The brigade had five regiments: 2nd Virginia Infantry, 4th Virginia Infantry, 5th Virginia Infantry, 27th Virginia Infantry, and 33rd Virginia Infantry. All five regiments were orgainized in 1861. It fought in many battles of the war. At the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, most of the brigade was killed, wounded, or captured. The brigade was then consolidated into a single small regiment. When the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered at Appomattox Court House in 1865, the brigade had only 200 soldiers left.