Sun Yat-sen

Chinese statesman, physician, and revolutionary (1866–1925)

Sun Te-Ming or Sun Yat-sen (12 November 1866 – 12 March 1925) was born in China and was a Chinese political leader. Sun helped overthrow the Qing Dynasty in October 1911. This was the last imperial dynasty of China.He is often called as Father of the Nation.

Sun Yat-sen

He was president when the Republic of China was founded in 1912. He later co-founded the Kuomintang. Sun remains revered in both mainland China and Taiwan. A massive portrait of Sun continues to appear in Tiananmen Square for May Day and National Day.

Early yearsEdit

Sun Yat-sen was born on 12 November 1866 to Sun Dacheng and Madame Yang in Cuiheng, Xiangshan County (now Zhongshan City), Guangdong.He had a cultural background of Hakka (with roots in Zijin, Heyuan, Guangdong) and Cantonese. His father owned very few lands and worked as a tailor in Macau, and as a journeyman and a porter. After finishing primary education, he moved to Honolulu in the Kingdom of Hawaii, where he lived a comfortable life of modest wealth supported by his elder brother Sun Mei.


After his death in Beijing, Sun Yat-sen's body was shown at a temple in the Fragrant Hills.