Sylvain Viau

Sylvain Viau is a Canadian producer, executive producer, founder and head of Image Entertainment Corporation.[1] His title is Chief Executive Officer and President.[2] He is the co-creator of the Walter and Tandoori cartoon series.[1] Viau lives in Montreal, Quebec.


Sylvain Viau has been the producer and executive producer of the Walter and Tandoori series. This includes the Walter & Tandoori's Christmas. His company has done a variety of co-production with Marathon Media in Paris. Viau is the executive producer of Totally Spies!, The Amazing Spiez!, Monster Buster Club, Team Galaxy and Martin Mystery.[2] He served as a producer with Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel on The Amazing Spiez! and Monster Buster Club co-production Marathon and IEC television series. He was a co-producer on Totally Spies! co-production Marathon and IEC television series. In the Walter and Tandoori series he was a producer and executive producer. In the Walter's Christmas film he was a director and producer.


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