Têt (river)

river in Roussillon, France

The Têt (Catalan: Tet) is the largest river in Roussillon, southeastern France. The valley formed by the river, the Valley of the Têt (French: Vallée de la Têt), was named as Region of Art and History (French: Pays d'Art et d'Histoire) by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.[1]

La Têt  (French)
Têt near Villefranche-de-Conflent
Physical characteristics
 - locationPyrenees
 - elevation±2,400 m (7,900 ft)
 - locationMediterranean Sea
 - coordinates42°42′48″N 3°2′23″E / 42.71333°N 3.03972°E / 42.71333; 3.03972
Length115 km (71 mi)
Basin size1,550 km2 (600 sq mi)
 - average7.5 m3/s (260 cu ft/s)

Geography change

The Têt river is 115.8 kilometres (72.0 miles).[2] Its source is on the northeastern side of Pic Carlit at an elevation of 2,405 metres (7,890 feet), in the municipality of Angoustrine-Villeneuve-des-Escaldes.

It crosses the Pyrénées-Orientales département (Northern Catalonia) from West to East and ends in the Mediterranean Sea, near Perpignan (Catalan: Perpinyà).

Tributaries change

The Têt has 43 tributaries;[2] some of them are:

  • Right tributaries:
    • Riberola (or Torrent de la Valleta), 10.3 kilometres (6.4 miles)
    • Carança, 15.3 kilometres (9.5 miles)
    • Mantet (or Rivière du Ressac, Ruisseau d'El Callau), 18.5 kilometres (11.5 miles)
    • Rotja, 23.3 kilometres (14.5 miles)
    • Cady, 19.2 km, flowing from the Le Canigou mountain.
    • Lentillà, 24 kilometres (15 miles)
    • Lliscou, 11.8 kilometres (7.3 miles)
    • Boulès (or Bolès), 34.5 kilometres (21.4 miles)
    • Basse, 11.6 kilometres (7.2 miles)
  • Left tributaries
    • Castellane, 27 kilometres (17 miles)
    • Caillan, 20.9 kilometres (13.0 miles)

Towns along the river change

Some towns and cities found along the river, with the Catalan name in parentheses, are:

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