Tangier International Zone

former international zone in Morocco

The Tangier International Zone (Arabic: منطقة طنجة الدولية Minṭaqat Ṭanja ad-Dawliyya, French: Zone internationale de Tanger, Spanish: Zona Internacional de Tánger) was an international zone in the city of Tangier, Morocco, which existed from 1924 until 1956. It is surrounded by the Spanish protectorate in Morocco.

Tangier International Zone
منطقة طنجة الدولية
Zone internationale de Tanger
Zona Internacional de Tánger
Flag of Tangier
Map of Tangier and the International Zone
Map of Tangier and the International Zone
StatusInternational Zone
Common languagesFrench, Arabic, Berber, Portuguese, Dutch, Haketia, Spanish
Islam, Christianity, Judaism
• 1924–1926
Paul Alberge
• 1929–1940
Pierre Le Fur
• 1945–1948
Luís Magalhães Correia
• 1948–1951
Henri van Vredenburch
• 1955–1956
Robert van de Kerchove d'Hallebast
• Established
14 May 1924
14 June 1940 – 11 October 1945
• Disestablished
7 April 1956
CurrencyMoroccan franc
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Spanish Protectorate of Morocco
Spanish Protectorate of Morocco
Spanish Protectorate of Morocco
Kingdom of Morocco
Today part ofMorocco



In 1904, Morocco got divided into three areas controlled by different countries: one by France, one by Spain, and a part called Tangier was made into a special zone. This idea of making Tangier an international zone started because of something called "capitulations." These were agreements that Morocco's rulers, like the sultans, made with foreigners to promise religious freedom and legal protection. Spain had a big say in this plan because it wanted control over parts of Morocco's coast. France and Great Britain also wanted Tangier to stay neutral during wars.

However, Tangier didn't become an international zone until 1923. At that time, it was officially made a neutral area where no military actions were allowed. It was governed by eight Western countries. From 1923 to 1956,[1] when Morocco became independent, Tangier had a special international status. People from different countries and backgrounds, like French, American, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, English, and Dutch, as well as Arabs, Berbers, and Jews, could live there peacefully.


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