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Teletoon is a Canadian-English television channel. It is owned by Corus Entertainment. The channel shows mostly cartoons. Its live-action programs are usually movies. Most programs are for family. Teletoon at Night has shows for older teenagers and adults from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 am.[1]


Teletoon usually shows animated series. There are original ones and imported ones. Its daytime shows are for children and younger teenagers. Nighttime shows are for older teenagers and adults.

Teletoon operates two feeds. One is for the Eastern Time Zone. The other is for the Pacific Time Zone. As of 2013, Teletoon and its French-language version were available in over 7.3 million Canadian homes.[2] In 2013, Corus Entertainment bought Teletoon from Teletoon Canada Inc. for 37 million dollars.[3]


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