Television director

person who directs television programs

A television director directs the activities involved in making a television program. He or she is part of a television crew. A television director is different from a movie director. In television the producer usually has creative control. In movies, the director has creative control.[1] Most television directors specialize in directing one type of television program.

Duties change

A television director has a complex job that includes approving scripts, setting up camera shots, laying out scenes and deciding on lighting.[2] The director is responsible for directing of live broadcasts, filming programs, post-production editing and mixing.[3] A director also supervises the technical crew.

A director's duties can be very different depending on the type of program. For example a drama recorded in a studio is different from a live event outside the studio. In a dramatic arts production, the television director's job can be similar to that of a movie director. A director gives cues to actors and directs the camera placement and movement. Often, in a television series, different directors will work on different episodes.[1]

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