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This template converts a positive decimal degree value to degrees° minutesseconds'' format or to degrees° minutesm secondss format (the degree symbol ° is invariant between the two formats).


{{Deg2DMS|positive decimal degrees|p=precision|sup=ms}}.

Parameter p is optional and defaults to 3.
Parameter sup is optional and defaults to not-used, <blank>, or <null>, which produces the apostrophe-format for arcminutes and arcseconds, by default (1° 2' 3''). It may be activated by "ms", or any text, to produce the m-s-format for arcminutes and arcseconds (1° 2m 3s).

For example:
{{Deg2DMS|266.416837|p=4}} returns 266° 25' 0.6132''.
{{Deg2DMS|266.416837|p=4|sup= }} returns 266° 25' 0.6132''.

{{Deg2DMS|266.416837|p=4|sup=ms}} returns 266° 25m 0.6132s.
{{Deg2DMS|266.416837|p=4|sup=no}} returns 266° 25m 0.6132s.
{{Deg2DMS|266.416837|p=4|sup=10}} returns 266° 25m 0.6132s.

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