Welcome to Wikipedia, ISP user! Please note the following:

This IP address, (IP address or hostname appears here), belongs to {{{1}}}, an internet service provider through which many people may connect to the Internet using a proxy. This IP address may be given to another person when the current user logs off.

For this reason, a message that was meant to be sent to one person may be seen by another. If you are changing Wikipedia using this address and are tired of unrelated messages, you can avoid them by making an account for yourself. Sometimes, you may not be allowed to make an account for a short time because of attempts to prevent disruptive changes. In that case, please see this page.

If you are automatically blocked repeatedly, you should contact the company that operates your Internet connection or your corporation's technical division and ask them to talk to Wikimedia's XFF project about turning on X-Forwarded-For HTTP headers on their proxy servers so that Wikipedia blocks will affect only the person meant to be stopped.

Please do not block this IP or undo its changes without checking - if a block is needed, admins should consider using a block with automatic blocking disabled with the code {{anonblock|optional comment}} as the reason.

Note: If disruptive changes are made from this address, abuse reports may be sent to your ISP.
Tech staff who want to patrol disruptive changes made using this IP address can subscribe to a web feed of this page using either RSS or Atom.