The Count of Monte Cristo

novel by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. The story is about revenge and forgiveness. The main character of the book, Edmond Dantès, is wrongly sent to prison. There, he meets an old priest named Faria, who tells Dantès of a treasure. He escapes and finds the large treasure. He uses it to carry out a plan of revenge on the three people who sent him to prison. The novel was well received by critics and readers. It has been adapted to many stage plays and movies.

The Count of Monte Cristo
AuthorAlexandre Dumas, père
Original titleLe Comte de Monte-Cristo
GenreHistorical novel
Revenge novel
Adventure novel
Publication date
1844-1845 in 18 volumes

The novel was first published in the Journal des Débats in 18 parts from August 28, 1844 to January 15, 1846. It was first published in Paris by Pétion in 18 volumes (1844-5).[1] It was published in English in 1846 by Chapman and Hall. It has been translated many times since 1846, and into many languages. Dumas wrote a set of three plays that told the story of The Count of Monte Cristo: Monte Cristo (1848), Le Counte de Morcerf (1851), and Villefort (1851). The book inspired the plot for other novels, including Lew Wallace's Ben-Hur (1880).[2]

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