The Final Cut (album)

1983 studio album by Pink Floyd

The Final Cut is the twelfth studio album by Pink Floyd. It was recorded at various studios in the UK from July to December 1982. It is the final Pink Floyd studio album with the band's bassist and primary songwriter Roger Waters.

The Final Cut
Studio album by
Released21 March 1983 (UK)
2 April 1983 (U.S.)
RecordedJuly–December 1982
GenreProgressive rock
Length43:27 (original album)
46:40 (2004 re-issue)
LabelHarvest, EMI (UK)
Columbia, Capitol (U.S.)
ProducerRoger Waters, James Guthrie, Michael Kamen
Pink Floyd chronology
The Wall
The Final Cut
A Momentary Lapse of Reason

The album is predominantly the work of Waters. It is the only Pink Floyd album on which the credit for writing every song is given to Waters alone. Keyboardist Rick Wright had been fired by Waters during the recording of The Wall, so this is the only Pink Floyd album on which Wright does not participate at all. Meanwhile, David Gilmour sings lead vocals on only one of the album's twelve songs, the rest being sung entirely by Waters.

During the recording of The Final Cut, there was a lot of tension between Waters and the other members of the band, particularly Gilmour, who now says that he doesn't like most of the album. For these and other reasons, it is sometimes regarded as a Roger Waters solo album rather than a true Pink Floyd album.

None of the album's songs has ever been performed live by Pink Floyd, though some have been performed live by Waters during solo tours. Waters' dominance on the album is most clearly seen on the back cover, which reads: The Final Cut: A Requiem for the Post-War Dream - by Roger Waters, performed by Pink Floyd.

Track listing Edit

All songs composed by Roger Waters. All lead vocals performed by Roger Waters unless otherwise stated.

Original release Edit

Side one Edit

  1. "The Post War Dream" – 3:02
  2. "Your Possible Pasts" – 4:22
  3. "One of the Few" – 1:12
  4. "The Hero's Return" – 2:56
  5. "The Gunner's Dream" – 5:07
  6. "Paranoid Eyes" – 3:40

Side two Edit

  1. "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert" – 1:19
  2. "The Fletcher Memorial Home" – 4:11
  3. "Southampton Dock" – 2:13
  4. "The Final Cut" – 4:46
  5. "Not Now John" – 5:01
  6. "Two Suns in the Sunset" – 5:14

2004 re-release Edit

  1. "The Post War Dream" – 3:00
  2. "Your Possible Pasts" – 4:26
  3. "One of the Few" – 1:11
  4. "When the Tigers Broke Free" – 3:16
  5. "The Hero's Return" – 2:43
  6. "The Gunner's Dream" – 5:18
  7. "Paranoid Eyes" – 3:41
  8. "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert" – 1:17
  9. "The Fletcher Memorial Home" – 4:12
  10. "Southampton Dock" – 2:10
  11. "The Final Cut" – 4:45
  12. "Not Now John" – 4:56
  13. "Two Suns in the Sunset" – 5:23