The Hunger Games trilogy

three books by Suzanne Collins (2008–2010)

The Hunger Games is a trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins which tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a fictional dystopian society called Panem. It consists of the remnants of the United States after a unspecified nuclear crisis. This nation holds an event called The Hunger Games, which consists of 24 adolescents (12 to 16) competing for a month to stay alive with limited objectives, and the objective is to kill all other players and repel attempts by the other players to do the same.

The Hunger Games
AuthorSuzanne Collins
CountryUnited States
Science fiction
Media typePrint (hardcover)



The Hunger GamesEdit

The Hunger Games is set in North America, approximately 250 years after a nuclear war destroys the United States. Survivors banded together to form a nation called Panem, composed of 12 districts and a central Capitol, similar to the United States' current formation, 50 states and a central Capital, where most government operations are situated. Each district produces goods vital to the prosperity of the whole nation. Originally, when the nation was young, it was similar to the democratic republic that the United States maintains. However, as the nation became older, it became more corrupt, morphing into a totalitarian police state, as the population of the Capitol ceased working and maintained control over the districts by fear, not prosperity. The 13th district, the one which encompasses most of the New England states and is in charge of the military, graphite mining, and nuclear weapons, rebelled against the capitol, similar to the American Civil War. The rest of the districts joined in, but the war was lost and District 13 was obliterated by their own weapons. The Capitol saw a new opportunity to control the country, so they forced the remaining Districts to send one adolescent boy and girl using a drawing to participate in the Hunger Games, a competition to the death that makes all 24 district teens fight for resources over 30 days. The objective is to kill others and survive, but the real objective was entertainment for the rich Capitol citizens and eternal punishment for the "crimes" they committed against the Capitol. The book centers around Katniss Everdeen, a girl who lives in District 12 who gets selected for the Hunger Games and spends the rest of the book trying to survive.

The first book begins with Katniss making sacrifices to feed her family, since District 12 is a very small, poor district. She invests in grain allowances given by the Capitol in exchange for a better chance of being selected for the Hunger Games. One particular day she does so, the Capitol Peacekeepers, the police of Panem, arrive and set up the raffle system for the Hunger Games. As per tradition, the adolescents of District 12 line up in separate gender lines. The Head Peacekeeper pulls 2 tabs out of the raffle, and Peeta Mellark, a boy from the richer center of town, gets chosen. Afterwards, the Head Peacekeeper reads out Katniss's sister Primrose's name, and Katniss objects as an immediate family member. Per tradition, Katniss takes Primrose's place in the raffle, therefore qualifying to participate in the Hunger Games. Katniss gets sent to see a specialist, who fixes up and removes old scars from Hunger Games nominees. Afterwards, the specialist and Katniss have a discussion about what to wear. Tradition states that each district nominee wears clothes representing the goods the district makes. For example, District 1 may be dressed in gold plated clothing, and District 5 is dressed in traditional electrician clothes. Katniss ends up wearing clothes in flames, representing coal and its willingness to combust. After she enters the stadium, she is placed on a circular pressure plate. This plate prevents any nominees from getting a headstart, and the punishment for doing so is death.


  • Katniss Everdeen - Main character, participates in the Hunger Games
  • Peeta Mellark - Side character, participates in the Hunger Games
  • Coriolanus Snow - President of Panem and organizer of the Hunger Games